The Village of Tällberg

To visit Sweden and Dalarna without visiting Tällberg is like being at a wedding without seeing the bride


Tallberg is a village located along the southeast shore of Lake Siljan in the northern part of Leksand’s municipality. Tallberg is one of the most well-known tourist resorts in Sweden, with about a quarter of a million visitors per year. All homes and buildings are built traditionally out of wood and in which the majority are made of timber frames. Tallberg has approximately 200 year round inhabitants and 400 seasonal residents that visit their leisure homes, especially during the summer months. In spite of this small population, there are eight working hotels. The hotels offer a high international standard and a total of more than 1000 beds.

Peak Season All Year Round

Tallberg does not have any particular “tourist season”, due to its attractiveness year round. Of course, the village and the surrounding area is mostly known for its traditional summer activities with dance, culture and Maypole raisings. However, during the winter season, as well as enjoying the many different forms of skiing, many come to Tallberg to celebrate a traditional Dalecarlian Christmas and New Years. It is hard to beat its Christmas atmosphere! By that time all the houses in the village and the hotels are decorated and lit up with candles. It’s hard to beat that Christmas cheer!

Many non-profit organizations

There are many non-profit organizations in Tallberg, which work for many different areas of interests. One such organization is the village council, Tallbergs Byaman. It is a very old organization which was formed to take care of the common interests and questions of concern of the villagers. The organization takes care of and manages the village-owned property, such as rafts, the beach area along with the camping ground, and roads.

The local history association, Tallbergs Hembygdsforening, manages and develops the villages traditions and questions of cultural value. For instance, the association arranges the activities during the Midsummer holiday, the celebration on Walpurgis Night, and many other events throughout the year.

Tallberg also has one of the finest harbors on Lake Siljan. This is partly due to its steamboat pier, where the large boat M/S Gustav Wasa can dock, and partly for the guest harbor for recreational boats, which is frequently use. In addition, the Tallberg boatclub has a marina with 30 spots which can be rented for a longer periods of time.

Another club which is important to the youth in the village, is Tallberg’s Athletic Club. Youngsters that are interested in playing football gather on the village’s football field each summer.

In the summertime, different activities, such as, dances and concerts, are arranged down by the beach. There is also a lovely camping ground on the lake where you can find guests from all over Europe who come to enjoy the view and take a dip in Lake Siljan.