Tallberg is a perfect place for health and exercise. If you want to take a walk or run, there are many roads and paths, which you can choose to take depending on your ability or inclination. For instance, if you want a lengthier walk, you can choose a 7 km path which allows you to experience the most of Tallberg, from the shore to the small mountain, Digerberget. The section of the path along the shoreline is part of a longer trekking path which runs along the entire shoreline from Leksand in the south to Rättvik in the north.

During the winter months, there are two ski tracks which you can choose between. One shorter, about 3 km in length, where you can start from the camping, the football field or downhill from the maypole. The longer track is 7 km, where you can start from Svigattu or from a parking lot, not far from the school. If the ice is thick enough, you can walk, skate or sometimes even ski on the ice of Lake Siljan. A special tool you can find in Sweden is a kick sled (spark), which you can use for recreational purposes or as transportation on winter roads and on ice.

If you want a goal for your training, then you can take part in the Tallberg triathlon, www.tallbergtriathlon.se ,or Tallberg half marathon, www.tallbergmathon.se , the first Friday and Saturday in August each year.

To relax on Tallberg’s beach on a warm summer day, can be one of the best memories of the summer. Here you can take a swim, relax with a cup of coffee or even take a trip on the lake in a rowboat.

In addition, the many hotels offer a variety of amenities and activities with spa and gym facilities, swimming pools, tennis courts, etc. For more information, please look at the information for each of the hotels